Board of Trustees

Kathy Bilski - President

Fred Moody - Clerk

Frank Radochonski - Trustee

Administrator & Water Operator

Jason Gustafson

*Can be reached at or (708) 424-6030 during business hours. 

Office Manager & FOIA Requests

Linda Hoffenkamp

*Can be reached at or (708)424-6030 during business hours. 

2018 CCR - Water Quality Report

Prevailing wage rates

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 6pm in the conference room located at 7801 Laverne Avenue. 

These are the dates for the meetings in 2019
Jan 10th

Feb 14th

Mar 14th

Apr 11th

May 9th

Jun 13th

Jul 11th

Aug 15th

Sept 12th

Oct 10th

Nov 14th

Dec 12th

*Information regarding minutes can be found by contacting Linda and filling out a FOIA request.